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Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is now accepting submissions for its ‘Innovation Network: Innovating regional road maintenance’ initiative, which aims to encourage government and private sector collaboration to improve regional New South Wales roads.

RMS is calling on industry partners, innovators and developers to pitch their innovative solutions to road maintenance to improve regional rural roads in the state.

“We’re looking for submissions to address a number of core areas – such as inspections, surveying, safety, vegetation clearance and more – but most importantly, they must offer efficiency savings and more value for our customers,” said RMS Executive Director – Regional and Freight, Roy Wakelin-King.

“By partnering with the engineers and innovators in industry, we can ensure we drive an innovation agenda and set a high standard for years to come,” he said.

Wakelin-King said working smarter and more efficiently in the regional road maintenance space is crucial for improving customer value and delivering greater efficiency in the growing maintenance task on the road network.

“It’s about being one step ahead in the game. Roads and Maritime is bringing together innovative people, systems, technologies and solutions which will make the most difference to how we maintain our road network and ultimately improve safety,” said Wakelin-King.

According to RMS, The ‘Top 10’ submissions, as chosen by RMS, will be invited to present their innovations to a panel comprising top industry thought-leaders, a well-known academic and inventor, and RMS Executives.

RMS will fund and support the trial and possible roll out of winning innovations.

“Platforms such as Roads and Maritime’s Innovation Network encourage government and private sector collaboration with the ultimate benefit delivered to the end user – in this instance, our regional and rural road customers – and I’m looking forward to working closer with industry on this important initiative,” said Wakelin-King.

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