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Tolling related technologies have made tremendous progress over the past decade, and today developing and implementing a nationwide solution presents fewer technological risks than was the case 10-15 years ago. Additionally, the technologies are able to make use of ever greater performance from mobile telecommunication networks which make operational processes such as online registration and account top-up far more straightforward.

Nevertheless, the Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure remain a significant hurdle for many road agencies. The decision about which technology to adopt is often informed by the number of segments to be tolled, the type of road infrastructure, the targeted type of vehicles and their volume, and the expected scalability of the system. It is therefore essential for road agencies to carefully consider the system they want to have in place prior to large-scale investment decisions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide objective and technology-neutral information and knowledge to maximize the opportunity to achieve a tolling project
  • Identify the most critical points and risks to overcome to a nationwide tolling scheme or an urban tolling scheme
  • Present methodologies applied by governments which were successful
  • Provide an independent analysis of the potential technology
  • Provide high-level cost benefit analysis
  • Learn how to evaluate the right mix between a high level of performance and the cost of the solution
  • Understand the constraints and benefits raised by regulatory regimes applicable to road tollings
  • Illustrate the content with real business cases from around the world.

Target Audience

  • National and Local Government
  • Road & Transport Agency Executives
  • Public and Private Highway Operators
  • Consultants & Contractors
  • Service Providers
  • Tolling Technology Vendors

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