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Mission-oriented innovation has the potential to become one of the most significant vehicles for change in the next years. It tackles complex challenges by taking a purpose-oriented market-shaping approach: the public sector takes an active role in convening and coordinating actors around complex, cross-sectoral issues that cannot be solved by one stakeholder alone. A measurable, ambitious and time-bound mission is derived from the challenge, for example, to become a carbon-neutral city by 2030. The challenge, however, lies in operationalising the ambitions associated with mission-oriented innovation in practice. Many teams and public sector organisations are now experimenting with making missions work in practice and are looking for guidance on the practical implementation of a mission-oriented approach, especially concerning long-term governance of missions. This webinar hosted by the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), Science, Innovation and Technology Directorate and the Directorate for Development Cooperation explores current challenges and draws on the growing pool of experience to provide insights on approaches and opportunities of mission-orientation, insights on governance approaches and the role of the public sector.

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