Enhanced Driver Safety due to Improved Skid Resistance

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SKIDSAFE attempts to examine the processes taking place at the interface between the pavement surface and the tire. The project aims at integrating state-of-the-art tire models with rolling contact algorithms, hydrodynamic algorithms for simulation of the effects of water and advanced constitutive models. These models will then be used to simulate the physical processes contributing to friction and wear in the interfacial zone between the pavement surface and the tire. The processes happening in the bulk body of the pavement structure as a result of friction will be also investigated. Furthermore, the parameters necessary for calibration of all components shall be obtained by extensive experimental studies. The overall objective is the development of a micro-mechanical, multi-physics computational tool for the prediction of the progressive loss of skid resistance as a function of the composition of the pavement surface and the deterioration of its characteristics with traffic loading.

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