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NEW smart pavement technology which could allow road sizes to be changed to be able to suitably deal with varying levels of traffic.

A new ‘smart pavement’ concept has been proposed which could allow roads to change width depending on the levels of traffic.

The technology divides up roads to ease congestion and dictate which areas can be used by motorists, pedestrians and cyclists at specific times.

It uses coloured LED lights to illustrate which sections of the road can be used by whom.

For example, if the LEDs are red the kerbside could be used by pedestrians, while if its rush hour it could be used as a cycle lane.

Arup, an engineering company, developed the Flexkerb technology which uses data from smart cameras and sensors to detect usage and automatically alter kerbs to create more space for cyclists and pedestrians.

The system will also allow the road to be modified when pollution levels are particulate high in an attempt to slash exhaust emissions.

In theory the section of road using Flexkerb could be be used by pedestrians at lunch time or then for cyclists or cars at rush.

‘Flexkerb’ was one of five ideas shortlisted by the Government’s National Infrastructure Commission.

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