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Refinet CSA main objective was to create a shared European vision of how the multimodal European transport infrastructure network of the future should be specified, designed, built, renovated, and maintained, and elaborate a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) that will define the innovation activities required to make this vision a reality. Some key outputs of the project are:

– A sustainable stakeholders network with around 700 stakeholders in Europe and beyond, from all transport modes and the infrastructure industry.

– A Multimodal Transport Infrastructure model that is a high-level non transport-mode specific model that should be a living reference for the establishment of objectives and sustained criteria for defining the design and operation specification of infrastructure projects in Europe.

– A Collection of Best Practices relying on a taxonomy of such use-cases and reference practices in design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures that have already been deployed in practice

–  A catalogue of technologies for infrastructures, relying on a framework and taxonomy that provide means for current and future technology capture and classification

– A vision for the European transport infrastructure network – so as to create a common understanding among the REFINET network members about the blueprint and characteristics of the multimodal European transport infrastructure network of the future – and the consequent R&I demands to evolve the current European transport networks according to this vision.

-A Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) with prioritized R&I actions, recommendations and guidelines – containing specific actions and initiatives at different levels which must be taken to design, maintain and operate European transport infrastructures according to the REFINET multi-modal transport infrastructure model, and cooperation between all stakeholders

– A Geo-Clustering platform for technological demands, as a backbone of geographical nodes grouping both interested stakeholders and appropriate solutions targeting local or regional characteristics and needs from several points of view. 

PTEC, DRAGADOS and TECNALIA have participated in this CSA that was coordinated by CSTB 

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