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EROAD’s purpose is safer, more productive roads for every community. This is why EROAD develops products and technology services that improve driving behavior, make it easy to manage vehicle fleets, support regulatory compliance and reduce the costs associated with driving.

In 2009 EROAD pioneered regulatory telematics, introducing the world’s first nationwide electronic road user charging (eRUC) system based on GPS/cellular technologies. Now, around 46% of collected heavy vehicle road user charges in New Zealand are being collected using EROAD technology. In America, EROAD created the first electronic Weight Mile Tax service in 2014 and the first independently verified Electronic Logging Device in 2017.

Traditional vehicle telematics solutions have functioned as a management tool to improve driver behavior through feedback sessions, usually retrospectively. The solutions developed by EROAD, encourage safer driving practices because useful information is delivered directly to the driver.

EROAD’s in-vehicle telematics solution (called EHUBO) collects data from the vehicle which is then transmitted via a secure cellular link to our cloud-based web portal (called Depot), for customer access and easy reporting.

The easy-to-understand feedback enables drivers to self-correct, which reduces the frequency and seriousness of road incidents. For example, the difference between the driver’s road speed and the speed limit, is shown using a simple icon and color change. This supports behavioral change that delivers improved driving even when they are in vehicles not fitted with an EHUBO.

There has been a sizeable decline in over-speed events with customers who have actively implemented EROAD’s ‘Safe Driver’ solutions – some customers reporting reductions of over 80%. Other EROAD solutions, like Driver Leaderboard, enable driver coaching to improve safety outcomes, reward good performance and provide training where necessary.

EROAD also believes the people who use the roads should inform the design and funding options for future transport networks. This is why the company works with government stakeholders (who are evaluating transportation funding options) and why EROAD has created a data and analytics consultancy service to work alongside regulatory authorities, academia and freight research communities to leverage the company’s expertise and innovative research methodology using GPS data.

EROAD’s one technology platform is helping transport operators reduce the frequency and seriousness of incidents through improved driving, using accurate and reliable information that also enables operational efficiencies. EROAD’s data can further help making educated funding and network decisions, identify early warning signs of increased risks and monitor the effectiveness of any implementation measures.

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