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US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has disclosed the final Beyond Traffic 2045 report, which focuses on the transportation challenges the country will be facing over the next three decades.

The report suggests that the US transportation system, the existing planning and funding mechanisms will not be able to meet the demands presented by trends including population growth, climate change, and new technologies like driverless cars.

Foxx said: “Beyond Traffic started a long overdue conversation about whether our transportation infrastructure will keep pace with our changing country.

“The final report again shows that if we do not invest in our infrastructure, we will let conditions move us backwards.”

After carrying out research and study for nearly two years, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) developed the Beyond Traffic 2045 report.

Earlier in 2015, a draft report was published on the USDOT website and the agency received thousands of comments from the public through workshops, webinars, and online feedback.

The report offers a comprehensive study of the major trends that could impact US transportation system over the next thirty years.

It also focuses on trends like population growth and increasing freight volume, as well as issues transportation funding and emerging technologies.

Beyond Traffic 2045 report has also thrown light on some key topics such as the cost incurred due to increasing traffic congestion.

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