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Transport for London (TfL) is to implement a series of measures to ease congestion and improve reliability for road users.

TfL will use new and improved strategic management approaches, as well as technology and communication systems to deal with the problem of congestion in London.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “Ensuring people can get around our city easily and efficiently is vital for London’s future prosperity.

“We need to be much smarter in how we use our roads and tackle the causes of congestion head-on.

“Today I’m setting out practical and immediate steps we can take to reduce disruption, including better prioritising buses on our streets, better information for road users, and substantial improvements in how roadworks are coordinated.

“It’s now crucial that these changes are implemented alongside our longer-term plans to make cycling and walking more appealing.

“Ultimately, while today’s plan sets out some important practical steps, we can only tackle congestion in the long term by making public transport more affordable, and making cycling and walking more appealing choices for all Londoners.”

The measures being announced include better communication directly with road users to allow them to plan their journeys, and better collaboration to reduce disruption from roadworks.

As part of the plans, the Mayor has also set specific measures to increase the reliability of bus services, including investing £50m in bus priority schemes.

Getting more people using buses will help tackle road congestion, as it is London’s most popular form of public transport and the most efficient motorised use of road space, with almost 2.4 billion journeys made by bus in London annually.

The Mayor has already announced to freeze all TfL fares for the next four years, making public transport a more affordable and attractive option for Londoners to commute.

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