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Taxi service provider Uber has launched its new UberHOP service in the US, with the aim of minimising traffic congestion.

Users have to open the app and then select UberHOP following which they need select a route. Once the details are being filled, Uber will pair the user with a driver and other commuters travelling in the same way.

Through the app, users will be informed when and from where to catch their bus, as well as enable them to share their journey with other users.

The service was piloted in Seattle and Chicago to reduce traffic congestion.

Residents travelling I-90 in Chicago waste 16.9 million hours and about $420m in lost productivity each year, making it one of the worst routes in the country.

Close to 80% commuters in the country use their vehicles, and the aim of UberHOP is to enable people to share the trip with other commuters, thereby reducing congestion on roads as well as making it cost-effective for users.

Last month, TomTom had inked a worldwide, multi-year agreement to offer maps and traffic data for the Uber driver app.

According to the terms of the agreement, TomTom’s advanced map-making technology and its traffic information will ensure Uber can provide a seamless navigation experience, accurate arrival times and efficient journeys in more than 300 cities worldwide.

Uber product partnerships head Matt Wyndowe said: “We look forward to working with TomTom, a leader in the mapping and navigation space.

“Their mapping and traffic data will help ensure we continue to provide a great experience for drivers everywhere.”

The company offers exact traffic information and congestion forecasting on major roads and highways in 48 countries.

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