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UDRIVE is now collecting Naturalistic Driving data on trucks, cars and scooters across Europe, i.e. England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

The collected data is very rich as it includes Controller-Area Network (CAN) data, vehicle data, 7 camera views inside and outside the vehicle and a smart camera (MobilEye).

The collected data will be used to gain new insights in driving behaviour in relation to key topics in road safety and environmental issues.

Analyses will be done on crash causation factors, distraction, interaction with cyclists and pedestrians and eco-driving. The overall objective of these analyses is to gain understanding of where, when and why drivers fail to perform the driving task safely.

Based on the new insights gained from these analyses, public authorities may be able to develop countermeasures in order to enhance road safety and eco-driving.

Furthermore, a very promising area to influence and improve driver behaviour lies in vehicle automation. Systems could be developed to support drivers in critical situations and/or to prevent safety-critical situations.

The UDRIVE consortium’s goal is to contribute to quality improvement of systems currently under development, as well as to identify the need for new systems to be developed.

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