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The UK Government has announced £64m as part of local transport funding in order to encourage people to walk or cycle safely to their work.

The funding will be used to support local projects in the region which will be carried out over the next three years and form part of a wider government package of more than £300m to improve walking and cycling during the current parliament.

The government is aiming to make walking and cycling as the natural choice for shorter journeys by 2040.

The funding will be used to provide a wide range of benefits to the people that include more safety and awareness training for cyclists, extra cycle storage space, bike repair and maintenance courses, mapping information to the pedestrians real time bus information through mobiles apps and car sharing clubs.

The funding will also focus on persons who intend to get back to work, and they will also benefit from discount bus travel and bike loans.

UK Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “We are committed to improving how people travel and this investment will ensure that people’s journeys are cheaper, safer and better for the environment.

“It will help people to become more active and better transport planning will reduce congestion on our roads, particularly at peak times.

“This investment will also help people access jobs, education and training – specifically targeting those looking to get back into work, as part of our relentless drive to make this is a country that works for everyone.”

The government anticipates that the funding could lead to 95 million fewer miles in car journeys, 99,000 extra walking trips and 40,000 extra cycling trips per day.

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