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The UK Government has unveiled details on its new proposals to cut traffic congestion caused by charging utility companies for digging up busy roads during peak hours.

The new proposals would enable local authorities to charge the utility companies on an hourly basis to carry out works on selected routes.

With this new concept, the government anticipates that utility companies will avoid to carrying out road works during peak hours.

As people are unable to get to work on time or deliveries are delayed, around 2.5 million road works carried out each year end up costing nearly £4bn to the nation’s economy.

UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “Delays caused by roadworks can be the bane of drivers’ lives, especially when they take place at rush hour on busy routes.

“These proposals would give councils greater powers to ensure utility companies avoid carrying out works at the busiest times and on the most popular routes.

“This would not only improve journeys and cut congestion, but also save businesses from the increased costs they incur as a result of traffic on our roads.”

This proposal outlined by the government is intended to improve journey times and help boost the economy.

Utility companies are encouraged to carry out their works on the road during evenings and weekends or by coordinating their plans.

Transport authorities have already trialled these proposals in London and Kent, reportedly minimising severe congestion caused by utility works.

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) is also carrying consultations on various other options in order to minimise the disruption of works for road users and businesses, and allow utility companies to perform necessary works.

The government is expected to implement these changes by 2019.

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