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Inrix, a global company that provides internet services and mobile applications pertaining to road traffic and driver services, has published its new report that suggests on average drivers in the UK spend around 32 hours stuck in traffic, making the UK the third most congested nation in Europe.

London is reported to be the second most congested city in Europe, while Moscow has topped the list of most congested European cities.

Manchester, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Edinburgh have also secured top ranks in the list.

Waze UK head Finlay Clark was quoted by as saying: “With immense technological advancements available to help commuters get around busy cities, where there are far too many cars and not enough roads, it is disappointing to see how high congestion levels in the UK really are, as compared to the rest of the continent.

“Gridlock costs the UK economy an estimated £30bn a year.

“Yet there is a solution: real-time crowd-sourced data sharing can be utilised to improve traffic in urban areas.

“Anyone using the Waze app is helping other local road users by sharing anonymous GPS traces so the app can determine the worst roads and alleviate traffic across the road network in real time.

“The app has been proven to shave minutes off of journeys and the more users who help contribute to our community, improves the app for everyone else on the road.

“In the UK, Transport for London have access to and use the crowd-sourced data to help manage traffic for the millions of car drivers in the UK Capital.”

The report released by Inrix was also supported by research from Waze, the real-time, crowd-sourced navigation app, which revealed that last year the average speed in London was decreased by 12% to just 17.4mph, and the Birmingham city was reported to have an average speed of 33mph.

According to the report, the number of traffic jams around the capital was increased 56% in the last year, and the average speeds around the UK is declining with the addition of new cars to the existing congested road network.

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