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*Next Generation Traffic Management & Analytics

Wednesday, June 24
11:00 AM EDT

Mobility services are undergoing spectacular changes with the introduction and widespread use of cloud communication and connected vehicle technology. Incremental interventions on the physical and digital road networks are required to allow traffic control systems to cope with mixed vehicular traffic and optimize traffic guidance functions. This webinar will present the current state of the art in responsive and fully adaptive traffic management solutions, as well as opportunities to leverage the vast amounts of data captured by sophisticated traffic management systems to deliver sustainable road mobility.


*Non-contact Bridge/Roadway/Tunnel Inspection – Adapting to the New Normal

Wednesday, July 1
11:00 AM EDT

While the world combats the COVID-19 pandemic, infrastructure owners are still responsible for inspecting their bridges, roadways, and tunnels to report their current conditions to the Federal Government. Traditional visual and hands-on inspections require a significant amount of field data collection hours, making it difficult for inspectors to secure social distancing with his/her colleagues. A vehicle-mounted, non-destructive, and non-contact structural inspection methodology that features digital imaging and infrared thermography can be a solution to generate a comprehensive map of concrete deficiencies, such as cracking and spalling. This webinar introduces technology, concepts, and field application examples that illustrate how the technology can provide advanced reporting methods for future structural monitoring.

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