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Thu, Aug 6, 2020 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM CEST

Australian and New Zealand vehicle fleets may be entering a period of significant change due to the emergence of Automated, Connected and Electric Vehicles and new models of vehicle ownership and use. How quickly these changes may occur is an important input into decisions on how to best manage, plan and invest in roads and transport. Austroads’ Future Vehicles and Technology (FV&T) Program supports member organisations to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies whilst minimising some of the risks inevitably faced during a period of change. To inform the FV&T Program, Austroads commissioned a series of forecasts regarding penetration of these new technologies into new vehicles and vehicle fleets through to 2030. Each forecast focuses on a specific attribute, including: – Active safety systems – Capability for automated driving on motorways, in urban areas and in rural areas – Connectivity via Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) or to the cloud via mobile data networks – Battery Electric Vehicles – Used for hire with a driver (as taxi, rideshare, etc). These forecasts show the effects of a likely pattern of technology adoption and the proliferation of that technology through the fleet. As such, many of the forecasts show that only modest proportions of the fleet are equipped by 2030. This webinar will outline the results of the forecasts and introduce the methodology and evidence base that underpins them. As with the project, the webinar will focus on forecasting the penetration of the technologies. While outside of scope, considerations of the impacts of the technologies remain important and one role of this project was to provide forecasts on anticipated penetration to inform continued discussions on and planning for these impacts. Presented by Andrew Somers and John Wall. Join in a live Q&A with our presenters to have your questions answered. Presented by Andrew Sommers and John Wall.

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