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Date: Friday, 29 November 2019
Location: Online, 12:30pm AEDT
Organiser: Austroads
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Austroads’ Australasian Data Standard for Roads seeks to harmonise transport information across Australia and New Zealand. This initiative can support local government asset management planning and maintenance. The sharing of harmonised data can help all road manager improve the effectiveness of asset management activities.

Austroads is now supporting national implementation of the Data Standard with a range of actions to help road managers use and maximise value from harmonised data. Austroads is supporting local government to locate, supplement and transform their data enabling access to dashboard insights and metrics related to asset maintenance and investment decision making.

This webinar will outline how local road managers can use the data standard and engage with collaboration activities, to provide access to new asset management and maintenance insights with minimal impact on workload.

You will learn about:

  • the Austroads Data Standard’s design, and definitions, and the multiple ways it can be used
  • how harmonised data sets are being used to promote benefits at local and national levels
  • how this supports national transport and infrastructure reform actions
  • how the collaboration process works, and the insights gained from local government currently participating
  • how harmonised data sets provide new asset management insights.

Join in a live Q&A with our expert panel to have your questions answered.

Presented by Angus Draheim, Georgia O’Cianain, Ashish Shah and Muhammad Khatree

Angus Draheim has been the project manager of the Austroads Data Standard project since 2015. Angus has worked extensively in the vehicle, freight and road sectors with 20 years’ experience in Commonwealth and State Agencies working on sector reform initiatives.

Georgia O’Cianain leads the Data Foundations team in the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development. She is the Project Director for the National Freight Data Hub, and also manages Heavy Vehicle Road Reform data workstreams. She is an experienced urban policy professional working across governments, industry and academia to shape emerging data policy and strategy as well as applied data projects.

Ashish Shah is Road Asset Management Program Leader at Logan City Council in Queensland. He is a Registered Engineer (RPEQ) in Civil Engineering and has a Masters of Engineering in Information Technology from RMIT University. Ashish is passionate about financial sustainability, circular economy, technical innovation, smart ICT in infrastructure life cycle management, digital engineering and OpenData.

Muhammad Khatree is an ICT and management consultant with a focus on helping clients harness the power of data and technology to achieve business outcomes. He is passionate about the cloud and is ever-ready to help organisations migrate to cloud-based infrastructure, maintain governance and security of cloud-hosted data, and perform ICT planning for cloud-first strategies. Muhammad has previously managed the setup of Austroads’ national cloud platform for data sharing. He is also experienced in solution architecture, healthcare informatics, IT strategy and process improvement.

No charge but registration is essential.

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