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This webinar will give you an overview of an Austroads project that developed a new sprayed seal binder cracking test and compared the performance of polymer modified binders (PMBs).

The project compared the performance of nationally specified spray grade and asphalt grade polymer modified binders (PMBs) in asphalt mixes and sprayed seals.

While there are well established laboratory tests to measure the cracking performance of binders in asphalt mixes, before this project there was not an established test that could rank the low temperature cracking performance of binders in sprayed seals.

The Australian PMB specification (Austroads AGPT/T190) currently requires the use of different binder grades when PMBs are used in asphalt mixes (A-grades) and sprayed seals (S-grades). During the project, the performance of S20E and A20E, as well as S25E and A15E grade PMBs, was compared by subjecting each of the PMBs to a series of laboratory asphalt and sprayed seal performance tests. Based on the results of the study, these four binder grades have proposed to be merged into two.

You’ll learn about the:

• background of the project

• sprayed seal binder cracking test

• comparisons of the performance of S20E/A20E and S25E/A15E grade PMBs in asphalt and sprayed seals

• proposed changes to AGPT/T190 based on the results of the project.

Join in a live Q&A with our presenter to have your questions answered.

Presented by Robert Urquhart

Robert Urquhart is a Principal Technology Leader in the Future Transport Infrastructure Group at ARRB. Since 2010, Robert has been conducting research and contract work at ARRB into the properties of bituminous binders and their performance in sprayed seals and asphalt.

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