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Date : 4th June 2020 from 16.00 to 18.00

Platform ezTalks

The webinar is designed to introduce many of the current and potential uses of Recycled Tyre Materials (RTMs) in various fields of application, highlighting the flexibility of use and high performance of the materials and to present an outline of a new project for the Life program for which you may have an opportunity to become a partner.
The goal of the webinar is to stimulate discussions on new product development, research projects and cooperation.
ETRA is collaborating with NCP Brussels and hub-Brussels on a number of activities including a program of webinars and workshops on EU funded programs and other opportunities for SMEs. ETRA is collaborating with ANCI Lazio on the Life Porgramme and Circular Economy.
As you know, Tyre Recycling is a young and dynamic sector. Recycled Tyre Materials are already used in a wide array of materials, products and applications in variety of sectors, including the production of new tyres, which has motivated tyre recyclers to research and develop innovative new options. RTMs are widely used in sports infrastructure, roads and transport infrastructure, civil engineering and construction, as well as consumer and industrial products.etc. and we are looking for ways to expand the options!

Program, Fee and Registration

You may download the program and register to the event by clicking on the link below


The seminar is free for
– ETRA members
– ETRA delegates of 27th ETRA Conference
– Speakers
The fee applicable to other participants is 100 € to pay online making the registration.

Should you have additional questions or requests, please feel free to contact

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