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The NCAT Pavement Test Track has been used by state DOTs to execute innovative, relevant, and implementable research for over 20 years. Thinlays have played an important part in the Track research program since the 2003 (2nd 3-year) research cycle. The role of thinlays was expanded in 2012 in support of off-Track pavement preservation research. Since that time, thinlays have been placed on the Track, on off-Track southern (low and high traffic) pavement preservation sections, and on northern (low and high traffic) pavement preservation sections in support of the NCAT+MnROAD Pavement Research Partnership. Properly designed and well built thinlays have proven themselves to be both rut and crack resistant, and have provided a riding surface with a safe level of surface friction. The positive history with thinlays at the NCAT Pavement Test Track and within the NCAT+MnROAD Pavement Research Partnership is reviewed in this presentation.

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