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The improved use of locally available materials in road construction and maintenance can significantly reduce costs, particularly in rural and remote areas and for low-volume traffic roads.

This webinar will provide you with a holistic understanding of the key components which influence fit-for-purpose material selection for low to medium volume regional and rural roads.

The webinar focusses on the step-by-step guidance published in the Evaluation Tool and User Guide from Austroads project Sustainable Roads Through Fit-for-purpose Use of Available Materials. It will cover:
• material performance and risk assessment
• risk reduction techniques
• materials option assessment
• life cycle cost assessment process.

It will consider material properties, traffic, climate, material modification and stabilisation, and life-cycle-cost implications. Case studies will be presented to provide real-life, practical examples.

Presented by Zia Rice and Tyrone Toole.

Zia Rice: Senior Professional Leader – Future Transport Infrastructure, ARRB
Zia has worked at ARRB for just over four years and leads the Perth Pavement team. Zia has over five years previous experience as a Geotechnical Consultant where she gained extensive field experience in natural materials and engineering geology.

Tyrone Toole: Chief Technology Leader – Asset Management, ARRB
Tyrone’s experience covers highway engineering and management projects, and institutional development and training in over 20 countries. He specialises in the management and delivery of multi-disciplinary projects, and has extensive experience in research and advice related to the management and design of low and high volume roads.

No charge but registration is essential.

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