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This webinar, presented by Dr Bruce Corben on 26 March 2020, demonstrates ways to integrate Safe System design and operation with Movement and Place for vulnerable road users, in particular pedestrians and cyclists.

The Movement and Place Framework is increasingly used to guide transport planning to improve integration and customer outcomes, and support a range of user groups. Work is already underway in some jurisdictions to integrate Safe System principles and treatments within the Movement and Place Framework to safely cater for all road users and enable more proactive and lasting road safety benefits. This is particularly important for the liveability of places and vibrant streets, where greater numbers of pedestrians and cyclists gather. They are inherently more vulnerable in crashes and, in some environments, highly exposed to the risk of crashes.

Road designers and system operators are encouraged to apply the guidance when designing new or redesigning existing roads and streets, and when making decisions about how roads and streets will operate.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the supporting documents tab after logging in.

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