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Flexible perpetual pavements have been officially recognized by the asphalt pavement industry since 2000 with the inauguration of the Perpetual Pavements Award program. Since then, over 150 sections across all climate zones and traffic levels have received awards across the U.S. for achieving at least 35 years of service with no major structural improvements or rehabilitation. Many of these sections achieved perpetual status through the conservatism inherent in the empirical AASHTO structural design method, but recent research has identified mechanistic design criteria for optimizing perpetual pavements that are more practical and economically feasible. Modern design tools such as PerRoad and PaveXpress, which now includes PerRoad design criteria, facilitates straightforward design and analysis of perpetual pavements. To promote these tools and help perpetual pavement design gain wider acceptance and use, there is a need for a webinar that covers these topics aimed at engineers and pavement type selection makers.

Fecha: 30 jul 2020 03:00 PM

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