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Thursday, 20 August 2015
12:00 PM AEST
No charge but registration is essential 

Join ARRB for an online overview of the methodologies used to update the parameter values for road user cost components. The research was funded by Austroads for the National Guidelines for Transport System Management (NGTSM) review .

The presentation will provide insight into the revised:

  • parameter values for fuel, engine oil, tyres, depreciation, value of travel time and crash costs for an extended 20 vehicle classification (including passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and buses)
  • vehicle operating cost models for both urban and rural roads
  • values of travel time provided for vehicle occupants across all vehicle types, as well as values of travel time for freight
  • the methodology and estimates of average cost of crashes for both human capital and willingness to pay approaches taking into account crash rates and injury severities across jurisdictions.

Clifford Naudé from ARRB has a PhD in Economics and has worked in the areas of economic evaluation, road pricing and transport demand analysis while at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa. He has also worked as a Senior Policy Advisor for Wellington City Council in New Zealand where he was involved in the development of a Transport Strategy for the city and represented the city on a number of transport working groups for key projects. Since joining ARRB in 2005, he has undertaken numerous projects mainly in the areas of economic evaluation and road pricing. His current projects include updated parameter values for use in the economic evaluation of road transport projects, as well as development of an economic evaluation tool for small intersection projects.

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Download the report: 2015 National Guidelines for Transport System Management in Australia: Road Parameter Values

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