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A recent Austroads study revisited the issue of location referencing methods (LRM) to include transferring BIM data into Asset Management Systems. The study found that all road authorities have important business drivers for their varied location referencing methods. This means that it is better to build an independent system that is able to communicate with all current and future systems, supporting both legacy systems and change.

The Austroads report outlines a new theoretical LRM framework that communicates at the primitive information level common to all: points, lines, paths and areas.

  • Topological: points, lines, paths, based on distance travelled, without any coordinate information.
  • Geospatial: GIS based real world coordinates.
  • Geometric: BIM generated location information.

These LRMs form the proposed Primary Location Reference System for Austroads regarded as a National Hub for Location Referencing. It is designed as a platform that facilitates location information exchange for Asset Management harmonisation.

The new platform could be based on open source technology from Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS uses both static and dynamic views of location, expanding the traditional static view used in Asset Management.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the:

  • importance of critical business models for Austroads asset management harmonisation
  • interpretations of location, location reference methods (LRM) and location reference systems (LRS)
  • roles of the LRM families
  • significance of routable networks and the implications of dynamic location reference standards from intelligent transportation systems (ITS) on static asset management
  • potential for development using open systems and principals-IFC, Semantic Web, OpenLRTM
  • role that a National Hub could play in future management of road asset network infrastructure.

Join in a live Q&A with our presenter to ask questions about the study.

Presented by Russell Kenley

Russell Kenley is the Professor, Management at Swinburne University of Technology Australia and Visiting Professor of Construction at Unitec New Zealand. He has over 20 years’ experience consulting in road construction and asset management from local roads through to National Highway upgrades.

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