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ABOUT THE WEBINAR This webinar will be presented by three IBTTA Agency Members – Cintra (LBJ Express Lanes in Dallas, TX), SRTA (Atlanta, GA) and the PR 22 – Abertis (San Juan, Puerto Rico). Presenters will describe the important aspects of each of these unique facilities to answer questions such as: How do you determine when it makes sense to build a new or convert an existing lane to a managed lane? Could these facilities be developed in other locations outside of the US? How much infrastructure is required for the various types of designs? How much resistance has there been to introducing toll lanes next to un-tolled routes?

ABOUT EXPRESS/PRICED MANAGED LANES According to IBTTA’s TollMiner, there are currently 47 Priced Managed Lanes facilities and 686 miles (1104 km) of Priced Managed Lane centerline miles in the US. Most are operated by public agencies such as state Departments of Transportation, but several others have been developed and operated by private industry. More are in design or construction at this time. The SR 91 Express Lanes project introduced the concept of pricing a road to manage demand, when it opened in 1995. Rates were (and are) fixed for the time of day. Those rates and time periods are updated periodically. Rates are displayed on variable signs. This pricing structure could be considered “time-of-day pricing.” Other Priced Managed Lanes facilities update their toll rates dynamically based on current operating speeds and conditions. These might be changed every 6, 10 or 15 minutes, for example. Toll rates are generally set to be high enough such that the Priced Managed Lanes are always operating at a targeted speed of 45 mph (72 kph) or better.

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